Yesterday was a shitty day for anything dfgjkldfgd

But today will be better! I’ve had a cup of tea so far and usually during the school week I just eat lunch and nothing else. I also get a lot of exercise running back and forth first period and between classes, and I can start walking home from school :)

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4/20/13 - 3:45

So I walked about two miles in the space of an hour. Allowed myself to get distracted and play with a neighbor’s puppies. Pedometer (I only turned it on for the way back, so who knows) says I lost 145 calories in 2,905 steps. Disappointing. I’ve eaten half of a can of light soup, a PB&J sandwitch and water so far today.

Obviously not enough. I need to weigh myself today and set some goals for this week. Tomorrow I’ll get prettied up and take some pre-diet pictures of my fat self, see if I can start taking them once a week. Make a time-lapse video?

Also, anyone who might be browsing the tag: any youtube videos on exercise routines I can do in my room in relative secrecy..?

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